Hedge Cutting Services

Hedge Cutting Services across the UK. We offer a professional and experienced regular hedge trimming and cutting service for your garden and overgrown hedges.
fRooneys Hedgerow Services provide an all year round hedge maintenance service to customers in the North of England area and across the UK.
Hedges are a widespread feature of British gardens and to look their best they need regular careful pruning and trimming.

You wouldn’t have a house with wonky walls, why have a garden with wonky hedges?

hedge trimming services
Hedge cutting can take many forms from the simple trim to much more intricate topiary depending on both the plant and your taste.

Large hedges grow very quickly and need regular cutting otherwise they rapidly lose their shape and become overgrow.

Evergreen hedges need to be trimmed 3-4 times a year to stay well maintained and we provide an excellent, professional hedge trimming service

fRooneys Hedgerow Services offer professional hedge trimming across the United Kingdom for domestic and business customers.
Hedge care is essential for maintaining a nice and attractive hedge. A hedge that is left unattended can in time leave the hedge bare and unsightly. Hedge trimming carried out at the right times of year based on the hedge type, can keep it looking at it’s best. Regular hedge maintenance promotes new growth, better air circulation and will make the hedge more resistant to disease.

Hedge material that arises from hedge trimming and reductions can be taken away to a registered waste transfer station. As fRooneys is a registered waste carrier and has to pay disposal fees there will be a charge for this service. This fee is normally built into the quote.

As a licensed waste carrier fRooneys have a duty of care to follow when disposing of waste. If you’re a business we issue a waste transfer note after every completed job.

Whether formal or informally planted; flowering or fruiting; bushy or upright, we maintain and shape all types of hedges.

Different varieties of hedges need to be trimmed in different ways and at different times of the season. This prevents them from going straggly or straying across paths and boundaries and ensuring that they look good all year round.

Our hedge trimming service is carried out in a sympathetic way by experienced professionals who will always do a quality job and tidy up after themselves afterwards.

Hedge Trimming and Pruning Services

Quality hedge trimming services carried out all year round. Do you have a garden that contains privet hedges? Privet needs regular trimming all year. In the growing season this can be up to 4 times a month to keep it’s shape and neatness. If you don’t have time to keep on top of your hedges, fRooneys can carry out your privet hedge pruning.

Hedge trimming and privet cutting services in Newcastle, York, Leeds, Sunderland Hartlepool and Middlesbrough as well as Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Teesside area