Garden Tidy Up Service

Need our quick garden tidy up service?

Then our general ad hoc garden tidy up service, is ideal for you. We will bring along all tools (lawn mowers, ladders, spades, rakes etc), waste bags and any other tool that may be required on the selected gardening day.
Garden Tidy Up Service in Newcastle, York, Leeds, Sunderland Hartlepool and Middlesbrough as well as Yorkshire, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Teesside area.

A good looking garden helps maximise the value of your home

After f Rooneys garden tidy service with hedges neatly trimmed to encourage new growth, opening for gate so it sits snugly in hedge and rubbish debris removed with bottom hedge trimming to aid wildlife and easier maintenance.
gardening services Middlesbrough
Unsightly and untidy overgrown hedgerow leaving a bad impression with neighbours, hedge was full of rubbish and gate wouldn’t even close half way making walking down garden path difficult.

If you require pressure washing, lawn scarification or hedge trimming, long ladders please inform us so we can bring along the correct tools on the day.

Our garden tidy up service can include

  • Prune all bushes and hedges, and tree branches where necessary
  • Cut down unwanted trees
  • Mowing or strimming your lawn
  • Weed the flower-beds,lawns, paths etc
  • Sweep up leaves from lawns and paths
  • Laying down of bark or mulch
  • Digging over/edging beds
  • Removal and disposal of green garden waste
    (or bag up and leave on site the eco-friendly option)

Our garden-clearance teams are well trained and highly professional (fully uniformed), and we make a point of being reliable and punctual. (We never use subcontractors.)

Our green waste removal is optional and we can arrange for this to be taken to the nearest recycling centre in the North East of England.

For further information and to book one of our one off tidy ups please use our contact page